The Great Soup Debate for Ward 8

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Killarney Glengarry Community Association
2828 - 28 Street SW
Calgary, Alberta, CA

Presented by Melisa Centofanti.

Welcome to the Killarney Glengarry Great Soup Debate!

What: A two part event:

1) A blind taste test poll of homemade soups from our candidates. You get to see if your taste in soup matches your political tastes.

2) An informative debate between candidates for Ward 8 in Calgary

Why: Appearances and alphabetical order have a play in all elections, so why not soup as an alternate solution? This is an opportunity to taste soup and be an informed voter come election day.

Each candidate is asked to bring a pot of an authentic homemade soup and the recipe to the event. Each soup is placed at a table marked a, b, c, d etc. This is a blind taste test. Usually the soup is served at a break in the middle of the forum event. Attendees taste test and then vote for the best soup, in their opinion, votes are tallied and the winner is presented with an auspicious prize at the end of the event for having created the best soup.

Everyone in Ward 8 is invited to attend but you must get a ticket and reserve your spot so that candidates know how much soup to prepare. If you are unable to attend please rsvp as we will fill your spot. Bring your tastebuds and your political questions to inform yourself about the best possible candidate to represent us on City Council for the next four years.

Come for a flavour of political campaigns and the soup.