Mayoral Candidates Town hall

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The Palace Theatre
219 - 8 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta, CA

Presented by Calgary Chamber.

As the civic election ramps up, join us for a town hall discussion with incumbent Mayor, Naheed Nenshi, and the leading mayoral candidates on business, the economy, and building a city that works.

Tickets $20 — Chamber members only*

As the entrepreneurial capital of Canada, business plays a major role in our community. The success of our city and quality of life directly depends on the success of our business community.

Calgary businesses are run by Calgarians, employ Calgarians, and of course, serve Calgarians. Businesses create the jobs that support our families, help attract top talent from around the world, and contribute to the programs, services and organizations that make our city vibrant. Put simply, businesses help create a better place to live for all Calgarians.

But our city has been hit hard. Now in our slow recovery from some of the toughest years our city has faced in decades, it is time to look forward and create a new future, built on new ideas, and where innovation can prosper. With over 75,000 Calgarians looking for work, we have one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. It’s time for a city that works, so we can get Calgarians back to work.

A city that works, is transparent and accountable, where all citizens and businesses are treated in a FAIR manner. Streamlined, responsive city processes help businesses grow FAST, and we say “hell yes” to new ideas, industries and innovation that lead us FORWARD to become a world business leader.

For our city and businesses to work, we need a council that works.

On October 2, join us as we host incumbent mayor, Naheed Nenshi, along with top mayoral challengers in an interactive town hall event. Hear from business leaders and mayoral hopefuls as they discuss the economy and real issues facing business today. Real questions, from real people.

*This is a member only event. To learn more about becoming a Calgary Chamber member please contact