Sabrina Lee Levac

Green Party of Alberta candidate for Calgary-Buffalo.
in 2015 Provincial Election (Alberta).





(The following text was provided by the candidate or campaign.)

Sabrina Levac is a Licensed Practical Nurse who graduated in 2002 from Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario. To further her nursing experience she moved to Calgary and started her 10 year career with Alberta Health Services at the Peter Lougheed Centre. Since then she has worked at all the major hospitals within the city in various capacities ranging from cardiac surgery and emergency to urgent care and post-partum. Currently she is nursing in mental health and addictions. As an instructor at Bow Valley College, Sabrina teaches practical nursing and health care aid. For almost 2 years her nursing took her to northern communities in Alberta and BC and for a short stint to long term care in Kingston, Ontario. She is now completing the Bachelor of Nursing bridging program through Athabasca University as a student in intensive care at the Peter Lougheed Centre. Post degree she wishes to continue her career with both Bow Valley College and Alberta Health Services as a Registered Nurse with a focus on her passion in mental health and addictions.

In 2011 Sabrina volunteered in Haiti at a Port-Au-Prince Hospital. This helped to further develop her respect for diversity and influenced her wanting to become more involved in promoting social justice, starting with her local communities. The June 2013 flood displaced her from High River and led to her move to the Calgary Buffalo district. Daily observances of the homeless population in the area inspired her to volunteer with Inn From the Cold, a housing facility for homeless families. She plans to continue to work with the disadvantaged people in the community. Her wide range of experiences within healthcare and with diverse populations gives her a unique empathy and understanding of people’s needs. In the future she hopes to meet those needs in a even broader capacity.

Sabrina’s interest in running for the Green Party lies in recognizing the need to diversify and strengthen the opposition in government in order for a true and healthy democracy to exist. The past few years the government has concentrated on a single economic resource at the expense of environmental protection and future sustainability. It is her hope to bring insight and understanding to the part humans play within the natural world and to show how the decisions made solely on monetary outcomes intensify the severe and worsening issues we are now experiencing due to climate change. She believes whole heartedly in the power of a generous helping hand to overcome harm. She knows that social development starts in your own community by developing healthy, fair and tenable relationships.

As your candidate, Sabrina considers listening to the needs of individuals and the community to be paramount to serving as your effective and caring representative.