Nelson Berlin

Green Party of Alberta candidate for Calgary-Currie.
in 2015 Provincial Election (Alberta).


Phone: 403.835.2557



(The following text was provided by the candidate or campaign.)

Nelson was born in Edmonton and in the early years of his life lived in Chicago and Portland while is father finished medical school. His family settled in Calgary in the early 2000’s, where they still reside. Growing up, his family instilled values of living simply and within your means. Sustainable living was common practice in the household.

His passion for sustainability began to grow while obtaining his BBA in Marketing and Communications Management at Camosun College in Victoria, BC. Exploring the island in his spare time, he began to become concerned about the protection of our natural landscape and the lack of sustainable and environmental initiatives.

In 2013 he returned to Calgary and has been working for BluPlanet Recycling for the past two years. BluPlanet Recycling is a local, awarding winning, sustainable organization, a Certified Benefit Corporation and a living wage leader. Nelson is a member of the Recycling Council of Alberta contributing to sustainable policy in the province. He attends REAP Calgary meetings monthly to contribute to local sustainable business growth and speaks at events about the power B Corp companies have to solve social and environmental issues.

Nelson is interested in advancing environmental policy and sustainable energy development in Alberta and Canada. He believes that substantial benefit and prosperity can be reached by imitating models present in California and European countries.