Naser Al-Kukhun

Alberta Liberal Party candidate for Calgary-East.
in 2015 Provincial Election (Alberta).


Phone: 403-971-7100



(The following text was provided by the candidate or campaign.)

I am a family man (married with 3 kids) from Forest Lawn where I have lived for the most of the last 20 years. Forest Lawn is part of the Calgary East Provincial Riding.

I have a good share of education from marine engineering to maritime economics to bachelor in applied petroleum engineering from S.A.I.T as well as my Appliance Journeyman ticket. I have a lot of knowledge in world history, comparative cultures and a bit of genealogy and social studies.

I am and always have been a die hard Liberal, proud to be the President of the Federal Calgary Forest Lawn - Liberal Party of Canada -Riding Association. I am a proud member of Fair Vote Canada and a supporter of Lead Now Canada Action.

As with many believers in real democracy, I advocate for the right of all segments of society to be represented and share in our Nation’s decision making. I support any electoral reforms that would include proportional representation. I fully support strategic voting and/or coalitions between progressive movements.

Proudly running as the Alberta Liberal Party candidate to represent my constituency in the Alberta Legislative Assembly to defend its concerns and protect its rights, I belong to this working class community and know the issues that matters to them.

I care about the future generations where supporting free education through high school is essential. I believe in subsidizing post secondary education. My constituency has a lot of seniors, relatively low income workers, new immigrants and less fortunate families who all need to keep their essentials income and services without cuts. In short I am a real member of this community and I will walk the talk in representing this constituency.

I am looking for a government that represents all Albertans which puts people not corporations first. I am looking for a government that is fiscally responsible with the right balance between economy, people and environment. I am looking for a government which preserves health care not slashing its fund. I am looking for a government that is accountable and transparent. I am looking for a government that will diverse Alberta's economy.

The party that has these principles and values and which cares to protect Albertans' interests is the Alberta Liberal Party. I am proud to be part of it.