Allison Wemyss

Alberta Party candidate for Calgary-Fish Creek.
in 2015 Provincial Election (Alberta).


Phone: (403) 703-5454



(The following text was provided by the candidate or campaign.)

Allison Wemyss was born in British Columbia, completing her formal education in Edmonton,obtaining an honours diploma in Civil Engineering Technology from NAIT.

Her education led her to work in the Yukon, working for 10 years in various positions with NorthwesTel Inc.

After being downsized, Allison found her entrepreneurial spirit; first as a consultant and writer, then as a business coach. In this period of her life she also discovered how personally satisfying it was to be of service through volunteering. She has since sat on various boards including the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce, Yukon Horsemen’s Association, and Yukon Tourism Marketing Board.

After sixteen years in the Yukon, Allison returned to Alberta. Settling in Red Deer for a short period, Allison’s desire to help others led to tough financial times and becoming residentially challenged. Even through this, she used her coaching skills and knowledge to continue to help others. Living through this experience also opened her eyes to the plight and trials of people who are homeless or living in poverty first hand.

For the past 5 years, Allison has lived in Bonavista Downs with her senior mother and her sister who has MS; this has allowed her to understand again first hand the issues facing these vulnerable populations.

Allison has personally experienced or watched the interactions of regular Albertans with government systems. Her experiences as a regular Albertan are not the same experiences as most MLAs, but are more typical to many voters. She is a person who thinks about better ways to get results. This is why she chose to enter political life with the Alberta Party - the common sense, new energy party.