Terry Lo

Alberta Party candidate for Calgary-Glenmore.
in 2015 Provincial Election (Alberta).


Website: www.terry4glenmore.ca
Phone: (587) 889-7239
Address: 2nd floor, Market on Macleod; 7711 Macleod Trail SW; Calgary, Alberta, Canada,

Website: www.albertaparty.ca/terry_lo-alberta_party_candidate_in_calgary-glenmore



(The following text was provided by the candidate or campaign.)

Originally from Montreal, Terry Lo has totally adopted Calgary as his permanent home. A social media expert, he has provided local businesses with the presence they need in cyberspace to be highly successful in an information age. His community involvement has promoted the local food scene, in particular, by co-founding #YYCBurgerWeek and #YYCPizzaWeek which both showcase a significant number of Calgary based restaurants. Fundraising for local charities is a successful aspect of these events. Terry Lo strives to make Calgary even more awesome.

Terry is a former Vice President within the Wildrose Party. In November of 2014, this party’s members voted against supporting a resolution that would recognize the rights of everyone regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation and other differences. He saw this as an adoption of a “Lake of Fire” approach to human rights and, being a man of integrity, chose to resign from the Wildrose. He no longer saw the Wildrose as representative of a new moderate centrism palatable to Albertans across the political spectrum.

Seeing a kindred spirit in Terry, Alberta Party Leader Greg Clark invited Terry to join him in a personal discussion, over coffee, about the party platform. Terry was inspired that Alberta Party MLAs will be actually free to vote with their conscience and for their constituents, provide expanded support for small business, will work true city-provincial partnership, and promote respect for ALL human rights. Terry sees these principles as compelling reasons to represent the people of Calgary-Glenmore as their MLA.