Don Monroe

Alberta New Democratic Party candidate for Calgary-Greenway.
in 2015 Provincial Election (Alberta).


Phone: (403) 219-8183



(The following text was provided by the candidate or campaign.)

Don has spent the last 16 years working for the City of Calgary Roads Department, and has 40 years of political engagement through volunteering and union involvement.

As vice president of his local for three years, he gained the opportunity to learn more about labour law, legislated law, human rights and WCB issues. Don was then elected president and chaired negotiations with the city.

Don currently sits as Calgary area vice president for CUPE Alberta as well as regional area vice president representing Alberta and the North West Territories on the CUPE National Executive Board. Don sits on the Aboriginal Council as liaison for CUPE Alberta, as well as the National Environment and Occupational Health and Safety as liaison for CUPE National.

Don is greatful to have the opportunity to the training to help the people in his workforce that needs direction or advice. Don is of Aboriginal descent (Metis) and his wife Debbie is of Chinese descent. They live in Skyview Ranch, where they foster two special needs adults.