Craig Coolahan

Alberta New Democratic Party candidate for Calgary-Klein.
in 2015 Provincial Election (Alberta).


Phone: (403) 219-8183



(The following text was provided by the candidate or campaign.)

• Labour relations professional representing hundreds of workers in the electrical transmission industry.

• Holds a degree in journalism and has worked in several different capacities as an editor and writer.

• Passionate advocate for improved access to childcare, health care and access to post-secondary education.

• Lives in Calgary-Klein with his wife Sarah, and young children Mehna and Kieran.

After completing degrees in English Literature and Journalism, Craig Coolahan worked as a writer and editor for nearly 15 years in several different capacities, including 6 years as a technical writer for a utility company.

In 2012, he accepted a hired position as Business Representative for the United Utility Workers’ Association. At this position, he is responsible for the administration of several contracts and represents hundreds of workers in the electric-transmission industry.

Craig is a skilled negotiator and mediator who works with both industry and labour executives to reachconsensus on issues ranging from wages and safety to contract language and processes. Craig is also a graduate of the Foundation of Administrative Justice. With this training and experience, he representsemployees in front of arbitrators and human rights’ tribunals.

He also shares an executive seat with the Alberta Federation of Labour, and has lobbied the Government of Alberta on issues such as child care and pensions. Craig’s experience bridging the gap between corporate and public interests will be an asset as the MLA for Calgary-Klein. His focus will always be to ensure that Albertans’ interests are the government's number one priority.