Avinash S Khangura

Alberta Liberal Party candidate for Calgary-McCall.
in 2015 Provincial Election (Alberta).


Website: www.voteavinash.ca

Website: www.albertaliberal.com/avinash_khangura



(The following text was provided by the candidate or campaign.)

Avinash came to Canada in the 1990s after finishing his bachelors in mechanical engineering from MIT AURANGABAD University in India. After arriving Avinash did what many highly skilled immigrants do which is take any job for little pay to begin building a new life. These included working as a baker, working for city transit and several other positions necessary to support his family.

Presently, Avinash successfully manages companies in construction and real estate. His family has grown with his success as he is blessed with a loving wife and three boys. He continues to be a community leader who volunteers much of his free time organizing cultural events and providing opportunities for others to come together. As the MLA for Calgary-McCall Avinash will represent others struggling to raise their family, become a prosperous entrepreneur, and who work to strengthen their community. Canada is a beautiful place to live but Avinash knows you must work hard to achieve good things here.