Happy Mann

Wildrose Party candidate for Calgary-McCall.
in 2015 Provincial Election (Alberta).


Website: www.happymann.ca
Phone: 4037680108

Website: www.happymann.ca/happy_mann


(The following text was provided by the candidate or campaign.)

Happy Mann has lived and worked in northeast Calgary for 25 years. Throughout that time, he has raised a family, run many small businesses, been a successful real estate developer, and most important to Happy, been involved in countless community groups.

Following his run as Wildrose candidate in the 2012 election, Happy served as provincial director in the Wildrose party’s executive, before becoming the party’s director of community outreach, a position he held until being named the Wildrose candidate for Calgary-McCall.

Happy believes in the fundamentals of free access to markets and the government’s important role in assisting and supporting society’s most vulnerable. Effective government is possible as long as government is committed to promoting democracy, freedom, health and safety, and the rule of law. Happy believes government should be respectful of your tax dollars, not entitled and hypocritical. Most importantly, he believes it is the responsibility of an MLA to loyally represent his constituents and Happy is proud to represent you as a Wildrose Candidate and MLA.

Never before has your vote mattered more than it does now. Democracy in Alberta is threatened. A vote for Happy Mann is a vote for preserving democracy, reducing government waste, and returning to accountable and transparent governance.