Chris Blatch

Alberta Party candidate for Calgary-North West.
in 2015 Provincial Election (Alberta).


Phone: (403) 714-1221




(The following text was provided by the candidate or campaign.)

Chris Blatch is a proud Northwest Calgary resident, and a proven leader in our community. He grew up and went to school in Northwest Calgary, attending Sir Winston Churchill High School; going on to earn two Bachelor of Arts Degrees — in Political Science and Sociology— from the University of Calgary.

With the completion of his Undergraduate Degrees he joined the Canadian Forces and received his commission as an Infantry Officer. During his service in the Army he completed a third degree in Religious Studies, with a concentration in Western Religion. Upon leaving the Canadian Armed Forces, Chris went on to work with the University of Calgary Library & Archives and then the Calgary Public Library at the Bowness, Downtown, and Crowfoot Branches.

His experience has also included working throughout Northern Alberta in the Oil and Gas industry, and his volunteer work with Inn from the Cold, Amnesty International, the Red Cross (UCRC), the Royal Alberta United Services Institute, along with a host of other charities, providing his time and expertise.

As a proud Albertan with a passion for building a strong and fair province, he is driven by his desire to ensure Calgarians have access to as many opportunities as possible to learn, grow, prosper, build happy communities, and raise strong families.

His passion for strong public education, comprehensive healthcare, accessible post-secondary, community development, and sustainability is mirrored within the Alberta Party’s core values — New Energy and Drive, Democracy, Fiscal & Social Responsibility, Prosperity, Quality of Life, Accountability, Transparency and Engagement.