Mike Ellis

Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta candidate for Calgary-West.
in 2015 Provincial Election (Alberta).


Website: mikeellis.ca
Phone: (587) 288-5635
Address: 218, 366 Aspen Glen Landing SW; Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T3H 4A3

Website: mikeellis.pcalberta.com/SiteCandidate



(The following text was provided by the candidate or campaign.)

Mike has lived his entire adult life in our community, where he and his family call home. He understands the challenges that our community faces and as our representative, he has worked hard to get results for Calgary-West.

As a 12 year member of the Calgary Police, Mike has been involved in community policing and working with some of Calgary’s most vulnerable through the Alberta Secretariat on Homelessness.

Mike’s values align with those of Albertans. By making the right choices not only for today, but for the long term, we can continue to make Alberta even better.

Why I’m running

I’m running because I’m passionate about the people of Calgary-West. People that I meet in our community define what it means to be Albertan. We are hard-working, and want the best quality of life for our families. Over the past months, I’ve worked to advocate for our needs as a member of Premier Jim Prentice’s team in Edmonton. I’ve worked to ensure that the new ring road project is built in a way that makes long-term sense for Calgary’s growth, and for the homes nearby it. I’ve heard the stories of many senior citizens in our community, and want to continue to be their voice and advocate to ensure they are respected and well taken care of by our government. It is my goal to continue to enhance the quality of life for each member of our community, and this is why I ask to continue to represent you.