2017 Municipal Election
ballot for Ward 6

Term begins on October 17, 2017.
Term ends on October 25, 2021.

Aspen Woods, Christie Park, Coach Hill, Cougar Ridge, Discovery Ridge, Glamorgan, Glenbrook, Glendale, Patterson, Residual Ward 6, Signal Hill, Springbank Hill, Strathcona Park, West Springs, Westgate.


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Alexander Columbos

Website: www.alex4ward6.ca Email: Phone: 403-770-7495

Esmahan Razavi

Website: www.esmahanrazavi.ca Email: Phone: 403-999-0547 LinkedIn: esmahan-razavi

Grace Nelson

Website: gracenelson4yyc.ca Email: Phone: 403-264-3844 LinkedIn: grace-nelson

Jeff Davison

Website: www.jeffdavisonyyc.com Email: LinkedIn: davisonjeff

Jeffrey Michael Browndridge

Sanjeev Kad

Website: www.kadforward6.com

Sean Yost

Website: www.seanyostyyc.com Email: Phone: (587) 700-7107 Address: PO Box 75162 Westhills LinkedIn: sean-yost

Steve Turner

Website: turneryyc6.com Email: Phone: 587-998-0955

The following potential candidates did not enter, or withdrew from, the race: