2017 Municipal Election
ballot for Ward 7

Term begins on October 17, 2017.
Term ends on October 25, 2021.

Banff Trail, Bridgeland/Riverside (partial), Capitol Hill, Chinatown, Crescent Heights, Downtown Commercial Core (partial), Downtown East Village, Eau Claire, Hillhurst, Hounsfield Heights/Briar Hill, Montgomery, Mount Pleasant, Parkdale, Point Mckay, Residual Ward 7, Rosedale, St. Andrews Heights, Sunnyside, Tuxedo Park, University District, University Heights, University Of Calgary, West Hillhurst, Winston Heights/Mountview.


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Brent Alexander

Website: brentalexander.ca Email: Phone: 587-432-6777 LinkedIn: brent-alexander YouTube: Brent Alexander Google: Brent Alexander

Dean Brawn

Website: www.deanbrawn.ca Email: Phone: 403-589-4828

Druh Farrell

Website: electdruh.ca Email: YouTube: DruhFarrell LinkedIn: druh-farrell

Marek Hejduk

Website: www.votemarek.ca Email: Phone: 403-606-5792 YouTube: Marek Hejduk Google: Marek Hejduk

Margot Aftergood

Website: www.margotforward7.ca Email: Phone: 403-247-8874 LinkedIn: margot-aftergood

The following potential candidates did not enter, or withdrew from, the race: