Candidate Surveys for the 2017 Calgary Municipal Election

Various community & advocacy organizations, and sometimes individuals, survey candidates on issues of concern to them. Where the candidate responses have been made public, we will try to share access to them here.

Disclaimer: Inclusion here does not in any way indicate endorsement or support for the groups, questions asked, or positions expressed. We try to include everyone—even when the people working on this website strongly oppose them.

If you know of other surveys, please forward the details to:
Twitter: @YYCElect

Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters #LiftHerUp Commitments

“This is a call to action to end sexist and violent language and behaviours towards women in public life—during and beyond the upcoming municipal elections.”

Calgarians for Cycle Tracks 2017 Election Survey on Cycle Tracks (Wards 4, 7, 8, 9, 11)

“… to promote safe and efficient bicycle infrastructure in Calgary.”

Calgarians for Kids’ Health: Mayoral and Councillor Candidate Positions on Flouride.

“As citizens of Calgary, we were dismayed by City Council’s 2011 decision to cease adjusting fluoride levels in Calgary’s water.”

Calgarians for Transportation Choice (School Boards, Council)

“A coalition of NGOs dedicated to healthy, active, vibrant, safe, & sustainable YYC communities that enable walking, wheeling, cycling, transit, carpooling, & carsharing.”

Calgary Ability Network Election Disability Lens (Mayor, Council)

“See where City of Calgary municipal election candidates stand on the issues of Accessibility, Poverty Reduction and Housing”

Calgary Association of Skateboarding Enthusiasts 2017 Municipal Election Candidate Questionnaire Results (Mayor, Council)

“Through strong partnerships and leadership, CASE fosters and supports the growth of skateboarding in Calgary.”

Calgary Chamber; (Mayor, Ward 1, Ward 2, Ward 3, Ward 4, Ward 5, Ward 6, Ward 7, Ward 8, Ward 9, Ward 10, Ward 11, Ward 12, Ward 13, Ward 14)

“The Calgary Chamber is a member-driven organization that exists to help make businesses more successful, and in doing so, make Calgary the best place in the country to live, work and grow a business.”

Calgary Climate Action Network City Candidates Opinions on Climate (Mayor, Council)

“We wanted to know what candidates think about climate action and building a strong energy economy.”

Calgary Food System Alliance municipal election candidate survey (Mayor, Council)

“Cultivating our food future through learning and collaboration.”

Calgary Heritage Authority Municipal Election Survey (Mayor, Council)

“The CHA is responsible for advising City Council on all matters relating to heritage resources in Calgary, evaluating potential heritage sites / maintaining the Inventory of Evaluated Historic Resources and promoting public awareness of Calgary's heritage.”

Calgary Journal:

The Calgary Journal brings a humorous edge to candidate surveys, while still eliciting some serious answers.

Calgary Public Library Election 2017; (Mayor, Council candidates)

“To support you in casting an informed vote we’ve compiled some key resources and invited all candidates to respond to a few questions about the Library, books, and reading to help you get to know the candidates better.”

Canadian Taxpayers Federation Calgary Election Survey (2017) (Mayor, Council)

“dedicated to lower taxes, less waste and accountable government.”

Common Sense Calgary Candidates Survey

“we promote the values of honesty, transparency, trustworthiness, caring, service, and humility, and the principles of freedom, responsibility, and democratic accountability.”

EWB Election 2017

“EWB along with the Pembina Institute and Sustainable Calgary put together forums for all candidates during the Calgary 2017 Municipal Election.”

Lakeview Community Association questions for Ward 11 Council candidates

“The five candidates for councillor for Ward 11 in Calgary’s Oct. 16, 2017 municipal election took the time to respond to seven questions posed to them by the Lakeview Community Association.”

Poverty Talks! Poverty Votes Candidates Survey Responses 2017

“Part of Poverty Talks! mission is to improve civic engagement among Calgary's impoverished.… we have been working on a campaign to reach out to city councilors and ask them about some key issues important to those living in poverty.”

Support Our Students Trustee Candidate Pledge

“We are asking that trustee candidates take this pledge to state publicly that they support safe, caring, and inclusive school environments that respect and protect LGBTQ2 youth.”

YYC for BRT 2017 Election Survey

“… a grassroots group of Calgarians championing cost-effective, environmentally conscious, and rapid public transit that promotes a more accessible and livable city that is competitive with other municipalities around the world.”