Ballots for 2015 Federal Election
Monday, October 19, 2015

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This is a summary of candidate information. Select an individual candidate’s name for more details.

Calgary Centre

Jillian Ratti (NDP)


Joan Crockatt (CON)

Website: Email: Phone: 587-885-1728

Kent Hehr (LIB)

Website: Email: Phone: 403.475.4474 Address: 105, 1040 - 7 Avenue SW YouTube: TeamHehr Flickr: kenthehr

Thana Boonlert (GPC)

Website: Email:

Yogi Henderson (independent)

Website: Email: Phone: 403-460-1884 LinkedIn: yogi-henderson

Calgary Confederation

Jeremy Cote (PIR)

Kevan Hunter (MLP)

Email: Phone: 416-253-4475

Kirk Heuser (NDP)

Website: Phone: 403-689-6007 Address: 104, 305 - 10 Street NW

Len Webber (CON)

Website: Email: Phone: (403) 828-1883

Matt Grant (LIB)

Website: Email: Phone: 403.293.5966 Flickr: Matt Grant

Natalie Odd (GPC)

Website: Email: Phone: 587.228.6391

Calgary Forest Lawn

Abdou Souraya (NDP)

Website: Email: Phone: 1-403-999-0834 Address: 201, 902 - 36 Street NE

Cam Stewart (LIB)

Website: Email: Phone: (403) 807-9200 Address: 3735 Rundlehorn Drive NE LinkedIn: cam-stewart Flickr: camstewartcan

Deepak Obhrai (CON)


Jason Devine (COM)

Website: Email: Phone: 403-248-6489

Judson Hansell (GPC)

Website: Email:

Matt Badura (LBT)

Calgary Heritage

Boss Malu (DAP)

Brendan Miles (LIB)


Kelly Christie (GPC)

Website: Email: Phone: 403-457-2723 YouTube: Kelly Christie Green Party of Canada

Korry Zepik (independent)

Website: Email:

Larry R. Heather (independent)

Website: Email: Phone: 403-253-0676

Matt Masters Burgener (NDP)

Website: Email:

Stephen J. Harper (CON)

Website: YouTube: pmocpm

Steven Paolasini (LBT)


Calgary Midnapore

Brennan Wauters (GPC)

Website: Email: Phone: 604-727-4694

Haley Brown (LIB)

Website: Phone: 5875775324

Jason Kenney (CON)

Website: YouTube: JasonKenneyMP

Laura Weston (NDP)

Website: Email: Flickr: westonndp

Peggy Askin (MLP)

Email: Phone: 416-253-4475

Calgary Nose Hill

Bruce Kaufman (NDP)


Edward Gao (LBT)

Website: Email:

Faizan Butt (DAP)

Laurie Scheer (GPC)

Website: Email:

Michelle Rempel (CON)

Website: Email: Phone: 403-800-4492 YouTube: michellerempel

Robert Prcic (LIB)

Website: Email: Phone: 587.889.7338

Calgary Rocky Ridge

Catriona Wright (GPC)

Website: Email:

Nirmala Naidoo (LIB)

Website: Email: LinkedIn: nirmala-naidoo

Pat Kelly (CON)

Stephanie Kot (NDP)


Calgary Shepard

Dany Allard (NDP)

Website: Email:

Graham MacKenzie (GPC)

Website: Email:

Jerome James (LIB)


Tom Kmiec (CON)

Website: Email: Phone: 587-315-3007 YouTube: Tom Kmiec for Calgary Shepard

Calgary Signal Hill

Jesse Rau (CHP)

Kerry Cundal (LIB)


Khalis Ahmed (NDP)

Website: Email: LinkedIn: khalis-ahmed-m-sc-p-geo

Ron Liepert (CON)

Website: Email: Phone: 587-997-8745

Taryn Knorren (GPC)

Website: Email: Phone: 403-510-9944 Address: 62 Wentworth Grove SW

Tim Moen (LBT)

Website: Email:

Calgary Skyview

Daniel Blanchard (MLP)

Email: Phone: 416-253-4475

Darshan Singh Kang (LIB)


Devinder Shory (CON)

Website: Email: Phone: 587-333-7501

Ed Reddy (GPC)

Website: Email:

Joseph Young (independent)

Najeeb Butt (PC)


Sahajvir Singh (NDP)

Website: Phone: 403-479-1111 Address: 603, 4655 - 54 Avenue NE

Stephen Garvey (DAP)

Email: Phone: 403-669-8132