Jillian Ratti

New Democratic Party candidate for Calgary Centre.
in 2015 Federal Election (Canada).


Website: www.jillianratti.ca

Website: jillianratti.ndp.ca



(The following text was provided by the candidate or campaign.)

Born and raised in Inner City Calgary, Jillian Ratti has witnessed her home town's amazing expansion from mid-sized city to thriving, trendy metropolis. She is a proud Calgarian who marvels at the work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit that shows itself wherever she goes. Jillian and her family have made their home in Calgary Centre and she has a lot invested in its people, who are a brilliantly diverse bunch.

As a Family Physician in downtown Calgary, Jillian sees the struggles and successes of Calgary Centre residents on a daily basis. Caring for patients from all walks of life has given her a unique perspective on the ways that the economy and the government affect a diverse group of people. This has driven her to take action around the structural and systemic forces that impede social progress and contribute to the deterioration of physical health.

Jillian has a strong track record of advocacy and commitment to her profession and community. She has been on the executive of both the Professional Association of Resident Physicians of Alberta and the Canadian Association of Internes and Residents, where she played key roles in contract negotiation and lobbying government on healthcare and issues relevant to physicians in postgraduate training. She also acted as the resident physician representative to the Alberta Medical Association Board of Directors and advocated for resident physicians within the profession at provincial and national levels.

Jillian has called Calgary her home for most of her life. She completed her MD and Bachelor of Arts degrees at the University of Calgary and has volunteered extensively with local community organizations including the Calgary General Hospital (Peter Lougheed and Bow Valley Centres) and Safewalk at the University of Calgary. She also studied at the London School of Economics in London, England and earned a Master’s degree in International Relations. She subsequently remained in London for two years to work in the UK’s newly-created Independent Police Complaints Commission as a casework and projects manager.

Jillian lives and works in Calgary Centre. She sings its praises wherever she goes. She is passionate about the NDP and its platform and is keen to work full-tilt on a creative campaign to defeat the Conservative and Liberal candidates in her riding. She is married with two young children and along with her family and supporters, she is looking forward to bringing massive change to her riding during Election 2015.