Judson Hansell

Green Party of Canada candidate for Calgary Forest Lawn.
in 2015 Federal Election (Canada).


Website: www.greenparty.ca/en/riding/2013-48006



(The following text was provided by the candidate or campaign.)

Judson Hansell is an artist, community activist and musician from Calgary. Raised by two Christian school teachers, Judson comes from a disciplined and ethical background. His grandfather Ernest George Hansell was an MP with the Social Credit Party of Canada for twenty-three years, and an Alberta MLA under Ernest Manning for four years.

Judson grew interested in politics when he joined a Calgary rock band as frontman in the early 1990s. The experience prodded him to examine what is truly worth singing about, worth recording, and worth listening to. As the band evolved and matured, they grew more socially-conscious and politically-active, exploring broad themes such as fighting racism, terrorism, government corruption, misogyny, addiction, complacency, and deforestation. Motifs of truth, honour, equality, democracy and social responsibility were forged from that experience, and have deepened in Judson's value system in the decades since.

Judson has also worked as a music and theatre director in a southwest Calgary church, where he gained valuable diplomatic experience, learning to negotiate projects and work toward common goals with people of diverse backgrounds, talents, expectations and agendas.

A supporter of human rights and organizations like Amnesty International, Judson has been involved in various global campaigns. Most recently he worked on a project aimed at increasing awareness about Omar Khadr, and ensuring Khadr’s rights as a Canadian are protected. Additionally, Judson stands alongside Amnesty International and condemns the continued illegal detainment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

Judson believes in the overwhelming scientific evidence signifying a real urgency for nations to implement comprehensive and aggressive climate change policies and strategies as soon as possible.