Edward Gao

Libertarian Party of Canada candidate for Calgary Nose Hill.
in 2015 Federal Election (Canada).


Website: www.libertarian.ca/candidate/edward-gao



(The following text was provided by the candidate or campaign.)

Edward was born in Morden, Manitoba and grew up in Charlottetown, PEI. Throughout his life, Edward has lived in six different Canadian provinces, namely: Manitoba, BC, PEI, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Alberta. Edward is a passionate martial arts practitioner, musician, and outdoors adventurer. Some of his many outdoor hobbies include rock climbing, skydiving, and snowboarding.

Edward studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto, and developed a keen interest in economics, philosophy, and public policy during his time as an undergraduate student. Edward was also an active participant in numerous Students for Liberty events, both on campus and internationally.

Edward believes that Canada is a great place to live because of both its social diversity and economic freedom. He believes that in order to ensure Canada continues in the direction of greater prosperity and respect for human dignity, it is essential that Canadians embrace a vision where individual liberty is upheld without compromise.