Faizan Butt

Democratic Advancement Party of Canada candidate for Calgary Nose Hill.
in 2015 Federal Election (Canada).



(The following text was provided by the candidate or campaign.)

Faizan, who is 28 year old Canadian and who has no relation to Najeeb Butt, has a strong desire to restore privacy rights and seniors benefits.

Faizan brings to the DAPC and Nosehill constituency high self-integrity and strong commit to Parliamentary Democracy and local representation.

Faizan has a Bachelor of business administration and a Doctor Of Law (JD), with emphasis on international law including international trade law. Prior to starting law school, he worked as an area manager for a financial company.

Faizan attended Dr JK Mulloy elementary in Huntington Hills and Sir. John A McDonald JR high in Huntington Hills. In addition, he attended but didn’t graduate from John G Diefenbaker in Huntington Hills.

Faizan is fluent in four languages.