Taryn Knorren

Green Party of Canada candidate for Calgary Signal Hill.
in 2015 Federal Election (Canada).

Candidacy announced on July 3, 2015.


Website: greenpartysignalhill.com
Phone: 403-510-9944
Address: 62 Wentworth Grove SW; Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T3H 5K4




(The following text was provided by the candidate or campaign.)

Taryn is a recent graduate from Renaissance College, a unique program in Canada focusing on leadership through a hands-on learning environment at the University of New Brunswick. After finishing her degree she moved back to her hometown of Calgary where she grew up in the West end of town.

She has previous experience working in government as the special assistant to the Alberta Minister of Energy. Taryn also worked on the ‘Making It Happen’ Strategy project with the Department of Post Education Training and Labour New Brunswick.

She also had the change to experience the other side of the work spectrum when she traveled across Canada for Right To Play, speaking in school about the importance of play and learning.

However, it wasn’t until working overseas for a 4 month internship in India that her drive to help grow and improve Canada truly became apparent.

Rather than continuing her passion for aiding overseas, Taryn saw a need in Canada and wanted to bring what she has learnt and seen overseas, and at home, back to Canadian policies where we can 'think global and act local'.

Taryn believes that Canada has the potential to be a leader in the world, and through the Green Party’s emphasis on Democratic and Electoral Reform, Youth Empowerment, First Nations Rights and Diversifying the Economy, that can happen!

‘If it’s not sustainable, it’s not growth’

Fun Facts about Taryn: She loves rock climbing, traveling, hiking, backcountry camping, glacier lake swimming, dancing, reading, and a great chai!